schwarz/rot Atemgold 09 – Urban Brass from the Ruhr

Atemgold – straight to the heart with body and soul!
If you’re looking to stage a full-blown, big-band party, look no further than ‚Atemgold!‘ When Shakespeare wrote ‚Blow winds, and crack your cheeks‘ he was clearly thinking of ‚Schwarz-Rot Atemgold 09‘. And if you think that’s a mouthful of name, wait till you hear us play. Our big band combo gives a new meaning to the term wind-power. Yes indeed, we can stir it and stump it with trombone and trumpet. And when our drummers cut loose with their barrage of pulsating percussion you could be forgiven for thinking you’re in the middle of a minor hurricane! When it comes to musical wind power ‚Atemgold‘ is in a class of its own.

Our creative energy is driven by the dynamic of a world-wide brass-music movement. And when you hear us blow you’re surely know! This combo’s got its roots in one of the major powerhouses of Europe, the Ruhr region in Germany. But ‚Atemgold‘ knows no borders. It’s the international gigs which boost our batteries. England, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Russia are just a few of the countries we’ve blown away on our travels. And there are more to come.

The band has blasted its way through every type of venue, inside and out, in a never-ending search for musically undiscovered country. From ska festivals in the wild east, to concerts in disused steelworks, club parties, social festivities, street parties, jazz clubs, you name it we’ve played it. Atemgold was playing ‚cross-over‘ before the term was even invented. From groovy funk, to Brazilian sambas, pulsating ska numbers to jazz standards, ‚Atemgold‘ blows straight from the heart. And goes straight to the soul. ‚Atemgold‘ – what did the great man say? „If music be the food of love, play on!“Yes, indeed!

Line-Up 2020

Richard Ortmann, as, ss, perc, drums, organisation

Andreas Ruhnke, drums, perc, b-Horn, tp, arrangements

Jakob Hentze, drums

Heinrich Huke, tp, arrangements

Uta C. Schmidt, as, bs

Irene Wagner, as, fl

Michael Roffmann, ts

Jörg Meißner, ts, ss, cl

Matthias Wittler,  ts, bs

Markus Koschinski, tp, flh

Daniel Kottire, tp

Britta Vaid, tp

Denise Bergmann, tb

Johannes Brackmann, tb

Andrea Cohen, tb

Niklas Lorenz, tb

Karl Ortmann, tb

Mark Rabe, tb

Ralf Lambrecht, tuba

Joshi Müller, tuba

Dirk Wienken, Pauke,  surdo, perc

Jürgen Lehmann, surdo, perc

Matthias Ruhnke, perc., Ausstatter